Photo Credit: Marianne Bradaric of Marianne Bradaric Photography



About Rachel

Rachel is a sucker for stories; the good, the sad, and especially the adventurous. She hopes to counter the negativity in this world with positive, moving stories and poetry. Some of her favorite things are summertime, sketching, reading, and traveling with her family. She runs, but she doesn't enjoy that half as much as her other hobbies.

Rachel met her husband in Italy when she worked in Rome as an Au Pair in 2005. (You can read their story here) Since 2008 they have lived in rural New England with their two boys and their two Australian Shepherds. But Rachel will always feel indebted to the magic of Italy that captured her imagination and inspired her to write.

She is currently working on a series of children’s books involving a garden gnome’s tourist adventures in Europe. Her hope is that they will encourage young readers to broaden their cultural and geographical horizons.